What are your qualifications?

Your qualification is widely based on 2 main factors.  First is your ability make the monthly payment based on your current income.  The second is meeting the down-payment deposit requirement. In addition.

  • Monthly gross income should be at least 3 x's the rent
  • Verifiable landlord references and tenant history
  •  No evictions in the last 4 years
  •  Verifiable employment history and income
  •  Pass criminal background check, (misdemeanors and minor infractions OK)
  •  Do you really want to own the home instead of being a career renter
  •  A minimum credit score of between 540-550 is needed. Current FHA standards require a 580 credit score.  We work closely with our Local Mortgage Lenders and MyCreditGuy to get you mortgage ready.
  •  If your credit score is lower thatn 580 we require you to enroll in credit repair. MyCreditGuy can typically raise your credit score be 15-20 points a month.


If you don’t know your credit score a good place to start is to contact Duraye Lewis at MY CREDIT GUY at 1-866-726-7339 or email her at .